Symposium "Geography Sciences in the context of Industrial Revolution 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges"

   The fourth industrial revolution which refers to the application of digital technology has been becoming the driving force of changes and approaches of many sciences including Geography. Industry 4.0 is expected to not only transform high-value production and service models, but also  have an impact on basic and applied research. As for geography, it is not only an opportunity but also a challenge for scientists and research organizations to apply scientific achievements and new approaches derived from the 4.0 technological revolution in conducting research in the fields of physical and human geography.

   With the aim of exchanging and publishing new researches of local and international scientists and researchers in Geography and other interdisciplinary sciences on the approach and application of scientific achievements of Technology 4.0, the international conference proceedings  entitled "Geography in the context of Industrial Revolution 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges" refers to the following research topics:

   1. Digital applications in the fields of geography, socio-economy, tourism and education. The core elements of Digital in Industry 4.0 of  those studies  including: Artificial Intelligence (AI), WEB - Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data (Big Data).

    2. Application of GIS based on ESRI 4.0 technology platform, including articles on the application 4.0 technology focusing on the combination of different types of technologies (computer graphics, computer aid mapping and remote sensing). Specifically, with the capacity of spatial analysis combined with remote sensing and technology 4.0, GIS is considered as an effective tool in studies on urban management, socio-economic and cultural, commercial planning, residential management, natural resources and environment management, climate change and natural disaster prevention, land management, water resource management and evaluation, waste collection and management  and pollution risk determination.

   This is the first time a special scientific conference entitled "Geography Science in the context of Industrial Revolution 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges" was internationally held  opening up a forum for scientists, experts and managers who are working in the fields of Geography and related sciences to have an opportunity to exchange and disclose the achievements and outcomes of their scientific researches over the past period. The organizers believe that, with serious scientific spirit, the articles of rich in scientific content published in the conference proceedings will help to guide future geographical scientific and technological researches in connection with the applications of the 4.0 industrial revolution.

   The faculty of Geography - University of Social Sciences and Humanities- Vietnam National University- Ho Chi Minh City would like to sincerely thank local and international authors who accepted and actively participated in the conference and contributed with articles of very high scientific value. Our profound appreciation  also goes to the Board of  Presidents  for their valuable support to and facilitation of the conference. The organizers would like to express their truthful gratitude to ESRI Vietnam for providing technical support, transferring GIS technology and co-funding that substantially contribute to the success of the conference.