Bài 6: Physical geography (2)

Lesson 6: Physical geography (2)

hysical geography is the branch of geography dealing with the natural features of the earth, the home of humans. Physical geography looks at the water, air, animals, and land of the planet earth (i.e. everything that is part of the four spheres - the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere.) Physical geography is closely related to geography's sister science - geology - but physical geography focuses more on the landscapes at the surface of the earth and not what is inside our planet.


Physical geography: Địa lý tự nhiên
Sphere (n.): khối cầu, quyển (địa lý).
Kết hợp với một từ khác:
+ Atmosphere
+ Biosphere: sinh quyển (Biology)
+ Hydrosphere: Thuỷ quyển (Hydrology)
+ Lithosphere: Thạch quyển (Lithology)
Geology (n.): Địa chất
Landscape (n.): cảnh quan, ngành học cảnh quan, cảnh quan học
+ Landscape is an area of land that has a particular quality or appearance


Branch (n): nhánh, cành cây
To deal with: liên quan tới, dính dáng với (geography dealing with the natural features)
To be related to: liên quan tới (Physical geography is related to geology)

To focus on: tập trung vào (physical geography focuses on the landscapes

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