• Research


    Research is one of the greatest strengths of the Faculty of Geography. Characterized as an interdisciplinary field of study, research in geography covers a wide set of research topics, research approaches and research sites. Researchers and academic members of our faculty actively conduct research funded by the university, by the Ministry of Education and Training, by the Ministry of Science and Technology and jointly sponsored by NGOs and international partner institutions. Our research involves natural resource management, biodiversity, environment and sustainability, climate change, migration, demography, urban-morphology, economic geography, social-cultural geography, GIScience… Research within the Faculty of Geography can be groups into 5 main themes:

    - Environment and Natural resource management: waste management, environmental communication and education

    - Climate change: climate change impacts, community adaptation, climate change policy.

    - Economic geography and regional development: urban morphology, sustainable agriculture

    - Social-demographic geography: migration, sustainable livelihood…

    - Applied GIS and Remote Sensing: geospatial analysis in urban development, applied GIS and remote sensing in water resource management, applied GIS in natural resource management…