• International cooperation

    With our academics trained from overseas educational institutions from Australia, America, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand with a diverse field of expertise, we have initiated our international cooperation shortly after the establishment of the faculty. We have been cooperating with different partners in various fields of collaboration. Below are selected cooperation programs.

    1. French based joint training program with AUF

    The undergraduate training program initiated in 1998 from the cooperation with the Francophone University Agency (AUF). In this program, students are provided French langue training and are required to take 6 core subjects which are taught in French by professors from our partner universities from France (Toulouse Le Mirail university, Pau University, and Strasbourg University). Students also have to write a graduation thesis and present it in French. On the completion of this program, since 2011, students will obtain two bachelor degrees, one from our partner French universities.
    Besides the undergraduate program, we have also signed an MoU with Pau University (France) for a postgraduate program. Students who hold the bachelor degree from the above French based undergraduate program are eligible to be admitted in Pau University for the Master of Environmental Management. Students following this program are entitle for scholarship which cover tuition and living expenses during their study in France.

    2. Short term post graduate training courses

    From 2001-2003, we cooperated with Lausanne Federal Poly Technique University to organize several short-term training courses. These courses offered certificates in Urban Development and Sustainable Development. The courses were jointly designed and taught by distinguished experts from Ho Chi Minh City and from the Lausanne Federal Poly Technique University. The courses consist of lectures, workshops and field visits. 87 participants from different universities and research institutes and government agencies in Vietnam have joined this program.

    In 2011, the Faculty of Geography and the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) jointly organized a short training course in “Applied GIS in Environmental Risk Management”. The course includes a series of lectures about environmental risk, disasters, measures to cope with disasters and practical modules of practicing GIS in environmental risk management. 30 participants who are university lecturers, researchers, post graduate students have attended the training course.

    3. Joint international Workshops

    - The Faculty of Geography and the Lausanne Federal Poly technique University jointly organized the international workshop in Participatory Urban Planning in 2001.

    - We also cooperated with the Department of Geography, Cottbus University to hold the international workshop in Environmental Indicator Framework in 2004.

    4. Other cooperation programs

    - Field study abroad and student exchange programs with Technical University of Dortmund (Germany), University of Gottingen (Germany), University of Baptist (Hongkong) and Republic Polytechnic College (Singapore), University of Baptist (Hongkong). 

    - Fellowship lecturer exchange programs: The Faculty of Geography welcomes lecturers and professors from different Universities around the world (Maine University - France, Toulouse le Mirail University - France, Energy and Environmental Engineering Institute of Denmark, Cheerbrooke University – Canada, Cottbus University - Germany, Gottingen University - Germany, Quebec University - Canada etc.) to exchange expertise with our faculty academics and to deliver lectures to our students. The exchange programs focus on up-to-date topics such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Social Urban Geography, Natural Resource Management, GIS and Remote Sensing, etc. Our faculty lecturers have also joined visiting scholar program with Findlay University (United State of America).

    - Co-supervision for post graduate foreign students from international universities, particularly from our partner universities from France, Germany, and Japan.