• Student led activities

    The Youth Union and the Student Union are student led asociations. The mission of these are to organize, co-organize students support activities, academic exchange, soft skill training, extracurricular activities, volunteer works, ...

    Youth Union

    The Youth Union accompanies students in ideological and moral orientation and other educational activities. Particularly, the Youth Union takes part in organizing workshop to share learning and research methods; teambuilding, city tours, museum visits, traditional camps, the Earth Day, Vietnamese Teacher Day…


    Picture 01: Youth Union took part in organizing the 2018 Student Research Seminar

    Picture 02: City Tour “My beloved City” held by the Youth Union in March 2018


    Student Union

    Student Union takes the key roles in supporting students’ activities and protecting student’s rights. One of the typical activities of the Student Union is the Students of 5 Merits Campaign (Good Learning, Good fitness, Good volunteer, Good morality, Good integration). Other activities held by the Student Union are Spring Volunteering campaign, introduction of scholarships, traditional camping, introduction of part-time job…

    Picture 03: Spring Volunteering Campaign in My Hoa commune, Cau Ngang District, Tra Vinh Province in February 2018


    Fanpage of Youth Union and Student Union: https://www.facebook.com/doanhoidialyhcmussh/

    Student’s Clubs

    GEOID Club: This academic club was founded by Student Union with the main role to promote students’ learning and research via organizing academic seminars and competitions. Typical activities held by Geoid are Geoid discovery online; Green Warriors, The Country’s Wings, ...


    Fanpage: www.facebook.com/clbgeoid

    Music of Community Club – M.O.C: The club creates a playground for students who are interested in practicing, performing, and to developing their artistic talents in singing, dancing, drama, MC…The M.O.C often performs in important events of the faculty and of the university such as Teacher Day, Student Singing Contests, The Music Bus, The Red Thread…The club also serves in a number of community events. 







    Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/mocdimuonnoi/

    The Green Light Club: This is a volunteer club which organizes and participates in a diverse volunteer work for communities. The typical activities are Mid-Autumn festival for disable children, helping poor people in rural areas, teaching geography in junior and high school in disadvantage areas, appealing for food for poor children, and appealing for charity houses…


    Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/tiasangxanh.clb/

    The Student Sport Club (S-GEO): This club takes the main role in attracting students to participate in physical improvement and in developing their sport talents. The club gathers students to play different sports such as football, volleyball, badminton, table-tennis, chess…S-Geo also periodically organizes sport events (tournaments, competitions) for students within the faculty and between students of the faculty and students from other faculties.


    Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/thethaokhoadialyussh/