• Education

    Geography is an interdisciplinary science, exploring the nature and relationships between human and the natural world. Faculty of Geography is a high-quality scientific research and training institution which commits to provide qualified human resources and scientific products to contribute to the development of Vietnam and international communities. Leveraging the interdisciplinary characteristics of geography, the educational programs in the Faculty of Geography are designed with a wide range of courses. The faculty currently runs four undergraduate programs and two graduate programs.

    In the period 2016-2020, the education and training programs of the faculty focus on:

    (1) Education and training for developing knowledge, professional and communication skills for effective living and working in the integrated multicultural world.

    (2) Training high-quality human resources who obtain knowledge and skills to apply diverse research methods, general and specialized approaches, to adopt advanced technologies for basic and applied research, and policy making.

    (3) Developing knowledge of the formation, distribution and management of natural resources and environment, the law of population distribution and migration, characteristics and territorial division of economic sectors, regional economy, spatial organization of production, climate change and current environmental issues to meet the needs of local and global job market.

    (4) Expanding cooperation in research and education domestically and internationally.